Our Chapter History

In 2017, NCL, Inc., Moon Valley Chapter will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first chapter meeting of our volunteers. Our Founding President, Stephanie Chastain, after spending two years on the wait list to join the Phoenix Chapter of NCL, Inc., was asked if she would be willing to start a new chapter in the Phoenix area. Stephanie believed in the mission of NCL, and in spite of the hectic schedule that comes with raising three children, she gathered other women to share the commitment of starting a chapter in the Spring of 1997. At the National Conference in 2000, the Moon Valley Chapter was chartered.


The founding members sought to “foster compassion and perpetuate respect and courtesy”. They began philanthropic partnerships with five local organizations, three of which we are still working with today. Now, we support over 20 Philanthropy Partners that cover a broad spectrum of charitable areas that enable mothers and daughters to volunteer together and provide meaningful involvement in our community.


Mindful of the three pillared mission of National Charity League, Inc., the Moon Valley Chapter has encouraged cultural experiences and leadership development from its inception. In the Spring of 1998, the first Chapter Tea was held along with a recognition event to celebrate leadership and service accomplishments. As we commemorate our 20th year as National Charity League, Inc., Moon Valley Chapter, we celebrate all the mothers and daughters that have made us the happy, healthy chapter that we are today!


We are grateful for the vision of our founders and the commitment of all of our members over the last twenty years. The dedication to service and the vision of raising strong and compassionate women leaders is reflected in Moon Valley Chapter being named “Outstanding Chartered Chapter” at the National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia on April 26, 2013.



Thank you to our Founding Members!

Stephanie, Michelle & Lauren Chastain

Bev, Linsey & Jocelyn Fong

Cathy & Katie Frye

Susan, Megan & Jennifer Haydukovich

Debbie & Jessie Maxwell

Teniesa & Tasha Moline

Celeste, Courney & Brittany Stiak